WIP Ramsey... What does she need?


I’m painting like a mad person over here trying to get Ramsey done for Christmas. I’m pretty happy with her skintone so far but I feel like she needs something more. I still have to do creasing and brows so I know that will help a bit but what do y’all think she needs?
Sorry for the shine and bad lighting, it’s rainy here and dark


I think she’s beautiful and that the creasing will bring her together for you. This is one reason I do it earlier in the process. It’s hard to tell otherwise.


Thank you! That’s a good idea to do the creases first. I just never think of it until the end :joy:


I adore her wow!!! She is turning out perfect!


I always do veins and creases first so they really are ‘under the skin.’ I love her skin tones the way they are. Will she be a bald baby? She’s got a really nice shaped head.


That makes a lot of sense! Thank you! She will have dark brown rooted hair. She’s for my mom so I’m trying to match what her kids looked like as babies. We all had mounds of dark dark brown hair lol


I was picturing her blonde with the colouring you gave her. She’s precious!


Thank you! Do you think I should darken her coloring to make it go better with dark hair?


I think she might look nice with a little warm up wash and more blushing. She’s lovely!


I like how you did her but a little darker skin would make her even better just slightly and it may be my phone.or the camera