You have to be kidding me


I’ve purchased UF from Irresistibles before (the starter kit for $79.99) and the bottles were TINY and they said they get the paint from the maker and they do not tamper with it and also, the bottles are not supposed to be full, only about half way and that’s when I switched from UF to Liquitex.


No I just opened the box when I posted. I will tomorrow.


Well, a major turn off for me too. I was sooo excited and that just killed my joy lol.


There are many different acrylic paints but some are not as highly pigmented or good for use on reborns. The best ones are Golden or Liquitex. If you want a reborn specific paint use RebornFX (just use different mediums)…thats just my opinion, I haven’t tried all of them. They also have a hair painting set that is a much better value than the UF sets.
I bought Ultimate Fusion blonde paint set and tutorial… I am not at all impressed. I should have listened to @DollyPardon when she told me I should just keep practicing. I should have known better, tutorials never help me. I love my Golden paints…to me nothing is better and nothing will make me switch.
I never tried Genesis because of my health problems.

Definitely send those back and get a refund!


I am going to send it back and try one of the others!


I have the hair painting set and have purchased several other colors individually and they have all been filled to the rim of the bottle.


lol, I got gypt!


thanks to you, I am using some Golden paints too, with my LDC air dry. I send to Germany for mine, and now can get them here in USA, thank you for the tip. I really like them too