You know you’re a reborn artist when...add yours!


This is so funny! I wish I had a good one, but I am just enjoying all these!


OH no!!! This must have been so funny once they left!


Yes, Yes it was! When I told my husband he almost died laughing!


When you buy bunch of clothes and they ask you ‘Are you having twins?’

When your refrigerator has more pictures of reborn babies that were sent out than pictures your own kids and grandkids.


As you open the door to new neighbors the oven timer goes off, you say I’ll be right back…)cause the oven is on the back deck). And when you get back. They ask you what delicious food your baking. And you kid says, She’s baking babies! Before you can answer.:joy: ( The oven was empty…just reheating)
Edit. I had multiple daycare babies and toddlers running around at the time!


LOLOL! OH NO! She is baking these kids!


…you know you’re a reborn artist when you’re looking through the “adopted” babies on wondering why they aren’t one of yours!

…when you’re shopping in the baby section every single time you go to the store (shamelessly!)


…oh sorry- every time I go into Walmart I tell my husband I’m going to see if there’s anything new in the “Doll Section” aka baby department!


LOLOL! I have to remember that one!


When it’s normal conversation for relatives to ask “Are you cooking babies today?”


People assume you are buying clothes for your new grandbaby - Yeah sure, lol!


Thank you! It feels ok. I am stealing the idea of putting a leg in my purse :joy:


Oh the glass beads-they get everywhere. Even when I think I am being so careful, I feel them under my toes.

2am is dangerous for online shopping!

I put my reborns in some hand me downs for pictures sometimes, so it evens out a little. Although, I am always stealing my one year olds toys and rubber pacifiers, and favorite blanked to pose with the reborns!


I am guilty of both of these. My littlest wears 6-9 month clothing so I look like I belong right now. Of course when I buy teeny clothes they probably think I am expecting again.


My 15 month old saw my baby in the oven and last week and when I said “no, no, don’t touch, that will burn baby,” she put her hands in the air and looked at me like “huh?” She was definitely confused that the baby in the oven was allowed to be hot but not her! :sweat_smile:


When the whole apartment building’s water has been out for over 12 hours (as of 1 am it’s still off) and it’s only a minor inconvenience because you’re busy painting and rooting all day :rofl: And enjoying the sunshine with my dog, but mostly rooting lol


When you are shopping in the baby clothes at Kroger and find a cute outfit. You look at it and put it back because it is too big for your doll. The saleslady says, “He/she will grow into it.” I say, “Not mine. Mine are dolls.” :slight_smile: She thought that was so funny.


My littles put their dolls in the play oven! :joy::two_hearts:


That’s great!


That is just too funny!