Air dry gloss from HunnyBuns, how is it?


I’m trying to finish up Ramsey and I realized my old gloss is all dried up. Has anyone ever used this gloss over Genesis paints (once cured)? How do you like it compared to other glosses out there? And if it isn’t good, what do y’all use? Sorry for all the questions!


I still have some of the original Genesis air dry gloss. Was wondering if the products being sold by some dealers is just repackaged Pledge Floor wax.:thinking:


Now there’s an interesting thought.


Does that stuff actually work? I’ve heard mixed thoughts on it.


I haven’t used it. There are others here that have, though. I suppose when I finally run out of the Genesis that I have, I will have to try it.


I use both, but use Air Dry paints!


I love the hinnybuns products. I have used that item you asked about. I like it fine. Hunnybuns prices are also good with great customer service.


What about the Golden Gloss Varnish? Does that work with Genesis too?


@Lil may know that answer!


I use that under my matte varnish and for applied hair. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as long as its air dried and not baked. Its a thick glossy gel, is that what you need?


I just hollered! What if it is? I think I’m going to cut out the middle-woman and buy my own dang pledge! :rofl: