Cosmetic Wedge Question


I’ve used these for some time and never had an issue. I have a reborn that I did about 5 years ago and don’t see any problems.


Shouldn’t be a problem with the Genesis since Linseed oil is used with some artists in their thinners and Linseed oil contains VitaminE.


Ouch, they want $77 for postage to Australia.


for sponges??? OMG, that’s crazy!


I tried. CVS has a new gigantic bag of the thick big sponges. I think it was four bucks. I have tried to wash them but they swell up really big.


Yes, that is totally ridiculous, but sadly I can get less and less supplies here in Australia, and when I am trying to get them from overseas, many are charging this sort of postage.


I bought mohair for an artist friend of mine(she misses when the seller poss, because of time difference) and the PO site states 14.00 USD shipping for 2 ounces, first class. Does that sound right? going to wait till I ship to have her pay me


@anjsmiles yes the same pack, I was mad and I did leave a review for a buyer beware, lol!


Yes, that is just about the cheapest that I would expect to pay for mohair shipping. Check the postal services websites. It can differ quite a bit between different companies. The Global Services can be ridiculous, and very slow, but in some cases are lot cheaper.


I’m trying to buy antibacterial soap from Australia and can’t find it or the postage is too much.


I’ve been on a search for this shape and large sponges like these since my current ones got discontinued from the dollar store the start of the month! I ordered the Deluxe sizing and they are very similar. Not too porous or too dense! Thanks for sharing


I get tar soap from Bulgaria, and I also used to get beautiful rose water face creams directly from Bulgaria for under $10. Now the same creams are being sold in the USA and UK for like $50 each plus postage, but now and then they can be find in Bulgaria.

PINE TAR Natural SOAP Eczema,Psoriasis, Anti-dandruff, antiseptic


Will it work for boy smells? I love being introduced to new products! Thank you.


@ttulsajess I just got some wedges at Dollar Tree. They are like the old ones I used to buy at Wal Mart. Thanks for sharing that. I should have bought all of them. :smirk:


They are a staple there so they should have them whenever you need them. :0)


they never have them at mine!


@anjsmiles I should have bought all of them! I may go back tomorrow.


Can you post a picture of the ones you bought, please?


Yes, my internet is slow so bare with me! @greta @anjsmiles

The first bag is from Amazon as well as that first wedge and it is very squishy. The second is from Dollar Tree and a lot firmer.


Thank you!