Cosmetic Wedge Question


I prefer the dense wedges, especially when pouncing on matte varnish. I use several at a time and they can get pricey when using so many. Is there a way to wash out the varnish without damaging the sponge so they can be used over and over?


What brand do you use?


I’m not sure about washing them, as I’ve never tried, but you can probably cut the varnished end off. The sponge will get progressively smaller but you may get more use out of it.


I think they are Face Secrets. I take them out of the bag when I get them. Unfortunately, I can’t always remember the name. I don’t mind the small ones for dabbing creases and such, but the fatter ones work better for varnish.


They are large enough to try that. Thanks!


I have to find these. I want denser wedges for my painting. The ones I use suck all the water up and leave streaks. I like the beauty blender. It’s so awesome and makes the complexion look nice.


I do pretty much what @TrinityCrystal suggested. I varnish, rip the end off, and put the rest up for next time.


Have you tried dollar tree wedges?


The old BB wedges were the best. I just can’t find any like them! I have a few old ones that I use for mottling and I rue the day they wear down!


these are the best I have found for being dense and not so expensive since I have amazon prime.


I got those and they are not so good. Maybe you bought them a long time ago I bought them a couple of months ago and they do expand in water and are very soft. Well at least my pack did.


Yes, i wash my wedges. First I wash them by hand in dish washing liquid, and water as hot as I can stand, and then I just put them in one of those stocking netting bags and put it through washing machine. I have some almost 10 years old, but the more recent ones do not seem to be that good.


I bought these from China. They are dense. I haven’t needed to wash any yet but I think it would be ok.


I love the large ones from Sally’s. They are big, thick wedges and reasonably priced.


I have bought them twice now and both times got nice dense sponges. I use them all the time. My last order was in April. Are you sure you got the same brand?


That is where I have gotten mine a few times.



these are the best I ever used, for air dry paint… very dense and good price (I don’t wash and reuse them)


Thank you!


Hmmm these say they are infused with Vitamin E. I don’t buy ones that say that because that is an oil and can not be used with my air dry paints. It might work fine for Genesis even though it is not the typical oil based paint.