I got a Knitting loom set


Try chunky10 for 10% off. I got that in an email not sure if it works on all looms sets or not. Those are preorders as well.


I will give it a whirl certainly cannot hurt. Thank you


Those look fantastic!


I know!!


Yes I do think this might induce me to buy more looms lol that was the plan huh :smile:


Lol, well I don’t get any commission unfortunately. But misery loves company? :woman_shrugging: lol


I tell you what it seems everywhere I look I am thinking well I can loom that ! right now I am trying to ignore them and work on a couple babies but it is kind of loom a bit and paint a bit :smile:


@Renauta427 I didn’t buy it but I did sign up. @marrabo that kimono is too much. I think I’ll stick to hats booties and mittens, lol. I’m working on booties instead, on the 12 peg.


So cute lol hats booties and mittens are nice perhaps you can come back to it and give another try once you get going on it its not that bad .


Have you tried these…what do you think?


No, I haven’t. I dont think I am coordinated enough lol


That’s my thoughts too… about me of course lol


I just bought mine, I am so excited I can hardly wait!


The hooks or looms?


Looms! I decided against the hooks.


I have seen them in action, check out YouTube. They seem like they could be cool but I think I would make them a disaster.


I want the looms and you could go twice as fast with those double hooks.


I’m up for the looms but the hooks make me cringe all I envision is snagging everything I have done before and as I work .


If I choose to make blankets down the road, I will absolutely get one of those! With as many hooks as they make lol!


Look what came today, shipped fast!