I really want a Bountiful Baby Rose Calendar


From BB but I do not have need to order anything any time soon to get one. Does anyone have an extra one I can buy reasonable?


I have an an extra one you can have for free. Message me your address n I’ll mail it to you, either tomorrow or monday.


You are so nice, @Msmimi04!


Thank you. I try to be a nice decent human being.


OH MY GOSH REALLY? You are beyond sweet and kind! Thank you so very much!!!


You welcome!!


I bought too many reborn things recently. Can’t afford any more kits right now, unfortunately.
Otherwise I would’ve stocked up just for the calendar. :joy:


I have an extra calendar as well if anyone else wants one!


It’s in the mail.


I would like the calendar if it is still available


I didn’t get a 2018 calendar yet but I have the 2017 calendar and Im just so curious… Those babies in the calendar are reborns or real??


Yep! You can PM me your address




Ok thanks … They are beautiful but I said no way all these babies are not real… I need To look at it again to see if I know which is which


I got my Calendar this week and I am so enjoying it! Thank you again so very much for your sweet generosity! May God richly bless you!


That’s great . I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You are welcome!


Sorry I was so pokey, lol, but your calendar is now on its way!


I have an extra calendar…


I’d love to have your extra if it is still available… <3


Oh no, now I have to order something to get a Calendar, lol! :wink: Are there still some available does anyone know? @jlesser