LE Phoenix Arcello anyone?


Just ran across this for anyone who didn’t get in on the first limited edition go around , although I thought that was what limited meant you snooze you lose lol .
I didn’t pay this much for mine and wouldn’t now seems a bit steep to me.


Holy price tag!!


My thoughts exactly :smile: happy I got mine before the price went up lol


Good thing! I don’t have one sadly, but can’t wait to see your version!


Mine is on here someplace already I believe but thanks :smile:


Cute and all, but absoultely no way I would spend that much on a kit this size. In fact, with the ton of realborns being released along with BBs kit quality, I’m becoming less willing to spend even half of this on one. I would have to be totally in love with the kit to do it… which is possible. Bonnie Brown has a couple yet to be released that I’m in love with. It just won’t happen too often.

Just curious, what was the original price of the kit?


I think the reason it is more is because this version comes with the full Body torso, and the original version didn’t. I paid $109 for mine.


I paid the same as HouseofDolls and you could get a torso or not at the time I believe is how it went but even then I don’t think it was this high of a price.


Okay I checked the spy glass and it was available with the torso and body at the time I ordered mine and it was not this large of a price . I ordered the kit and body paid a deposit and the shipping then the remainder when it came in.


How much was your kit, and how much extra was the torso the first go around? Idk why it’s more this edition. That’s odd


I have all of my receipts which is how I backtracked I had issues so I just kept everything lol I added it all together deposit shipping and kit came to $112 .
However I looked back through one of the posts here and one said they were charged $92.00 I think that included the torso .
That was on her site by the way so not sure if that would play in .


If they are selling on this site you may be able to buy from Arcello site too , I no longer go there so don’t know but perhaps it is less on it if she is selling .


Let me double check, because I actually purchased my kit from her site, but I don’t think mine came with the torso.


I just went to her site she is selling them again $154 will get you the kit, torso and body , I understood the 1500 had been reached already guess not.


Yup i just took a peek. Thats so bizzar Irresistables is selling the kit for so much. I may get the torso since I didnt get it prior.


Think I’m good since the babies seem to pose and feel so much better without the torso getting in the way , I have a BB Harper and he seems just so stiff .
I have Amelia and Kenzie as well however they do not have full torso and it makes them so much more appealing then if they were full torso in my opinion.


I definitely do not like full torso either. The baby ends of stuff and hard to pose, not cuddly at all. But boy do I get a ton of messages from people who really want a doll with a full torso. I even had a lady pass on realborns with all their details for Nod twins just because of their full bodies.