Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


I went to post a pic and it showed that the other is closed because it reached 10000 comments. :flushed::flushed:
And I did not see a new one so I guess I’ll start lol


Crazy how we reached 10000. :rofl:


I know right lol



What a beautiful baby!


Beautiful baby to start off part 2!


Here’s my latest custom order. He’s just about to get some hair!


Finally done this girl. I don’t love the sculpt, it looks a little dolly to me so it was a struggle to get motivated. I like her now that she’s done but wouldn’t paint her again.


The lips are gorgeous.


David’s little knitted outfit is almost done. This is a custom, and will be a little girl. I’m waiting on her hair to arrive, so decided to make a little outfit for her


custom Tippi by Linda Murray (her Mommy ordered her with long masses of hair) and has a pink theme nursery


WIP Precious Gift which looks better? I like the ring light…


Sorry, both are fine to me, sure is a pretty baby!


@Anne Thank you, this is the first time I’ve done PG!


Uriel I think is ready for hair


@Simone have PG ready to do after I finish up one of the three I’m working on.


Excuse the lighting. I’ll be glad when it stops getting dark so early.


Joseph makes Ashley look like a micro preemie! haha! Gorgeous hair on those bubs.


I have a 3-month Joseph but I haven’t had the NERVE to start on him! He is huge!


Right?! When I got mine I knew he was going to be big but I about went into shock when I pulled the kit out of the box. :laughing: