Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


first pics, Julia by Jannie de Lange


Looks great! I love the shading on the lips. I dream of painting a kit with open hands!


Me too @YelenaRey. I love trying all these new crafts and getting different ideas from everyone on here.


Thanks to @hyelah1990 Maggie is getting a sweet little hat!


Any sculpt you touch you turn into gold! You are such a talented artist!


Thank you so much! You are to kind. :heart:


What kind of paint do you use for hair? It looks so vibrant!


Leif is assembled and goes by Archie now :wink:


WIP Madison


:slight_smile:I use genesis. For that hair I’m using a ethnic brown, black, and blue mix


I thought maybe it was air dry! I really like your hair so far. I want to be able to paint hair!!!


Thanks. I wanted to make it look wavy. I liked how it was looking, but It is taking me so long. There is not much to painting hair. I mix my paint a lot thicker than for painting the skin. I keep a little bit of clean thinner in the space next to the color on my palet. As I paint I ocationaly dip my brush on the clean thinner. It keeps my paint moving.
Oh and the most important thing I let the head guide me. :wink:


He is really happy now lol


This was after we got our belly full with a good cookout lol :joy:


I think I see a smile there! So sweet.


I just got Madison in the mail yesterday yours is looking so good you make me excited that I bought her :grin:


Just a little outfit I’m working on for my Tobiah


Did you make this outfit? I love the owls!


Your knitting is amazing!!


Oh I love it!