Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


@ECNRebornBabies did you use Genesis for Joseph because I need to achieve this colouring one day he is absolutely stunning . I use air dry .


She is a beauty!


These 2 little once have been challenging, but I’m finally getting them done. Just a few more detail and then to decide on the hair.

I bought them on special they are super to be first quality, but they have more defect than 2nd.


Yep, Genesis. He was the first baby I tried the primary method on.


Custom Joseph is growing hair.




Is he bigger? I think he is the one whose kit says body 647? which is a wider realborn body… do you have another 20 inch kit there to compare him to? If you wouldn’t mind :wink:


WIP on Sunny #3 (biracial/ethnic version). I have to finish up the limbs then he or she will be ready for hair. I’m love this baby so much.


Yes he is supposed to use body 647 and be about 20 inches when completed. I can do a comparison check tomorrow after I get the kiddos off to school. I just LOVE his sweet face!! :heart:


Very cuuute!




:heart_eyes: beautiful


Thank you! I can’t wait to see him finished and assembled!


body 647 was used for Sleeping Brittany~ she is a very big baby! (they also state that in the description of her) if that helps :slight_smile:


I was thinking at first that him and Quinn were alike… now I am thinking he is quite a bit bigger


I’mm sorry I can’t help as Brittany was my first one~ she is a sizable chunk lol!


I have Quinn also and he is pretty big. I believe he and Reese are about the same size. I will compare the 2 and take a photo for you @jlesser! :wink:


Oh yay :slight_smile: thanks


No problem!! Just took these pics quickly from my cellphone. Not sure why my Reese looks so yellow, but he doesn’t in person!! Lol.

Here is he next to blank Quinn. They are very close in size. Hope this helps!


Did you change the arms?