Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Omg I love this bow on this baby! Lol Zoe just gave it to me so I had to try it on!


Ashley is getting some hair. Wow I had no idea blonde would be this difficult to see, I have way to many hairs per hole but I’m hoping it being so light you won’t notice :laughing:


Why the ER? I hope everything is ok


ABBIE by AK Kitagawa


AA Domenic :heart:

Does he need more shading?


I’m glad your ok girl!!! Your a fighter :muscle:t3:


Goodness! She’s so delicate! Love her coloring!


He’s so cute! I’m not an expert on AA skin tones…


Thank you! Me either! He is my 5th AA baby. I’m just happy he doesn’t look “dirty” lol


Right! That’s awesome :laughing:


The baby I am working on for my Granddaughter. She has a darker skin tone so trying to make her baby look like an Indian, Waiting on her eyes to come in so I can finish her. What do you ladies think so far?


Very pretty skin tone!


That’s a wonderful American Indian skin tone!


She makes me smile!


Me too! I keep seeing this kit but that open mouth I’m afraid of.


I think she is sold out, so look the other way :wink: lol


Hahahaha! No more babies estelle! I will not lie, I probably will buy April and then freeze unail June


She was on ebay when I searched for quinlynn for 135, I almost bought her.


What baby is she May I ask? She is done so beautifully! :slight_smile:


She is the Shyann kit from bountiful baby😊 Thank you so much!