Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


sweet baby girl, love her tones!


My husband is in absolute awe and disbelief that this is a doll and not a real baby. He said it is Spectacular!
I am in complete agreement with him!


She’s gorgeous love her colour


So cute!



I tried a different technique on Owen’s hair; I used a rake brush instead of what I usually do…I like it…I wanted that “look” for Owen…


Thank you @ kit! :kissing_heart:


Very pretty!! I love your skin tones and those eyebrows. :heart_eyes:


So cute! I love her outfit. Did you make it??


Yes I did. Thank you


Oh ma Gosh! Gor-Gee-ous! :heart_eyes:


Cuddle baby Candy. I’m liking that face more than I thought I would.


Awe, she’s cute!


I seriously LOVE this kit. She curls up like Levi and is so cuddly. She sold in less than 5 minutes… And here is custom Saskia. Thank you to those who helped me fight with her eyes. :grin:


She looks very entertained by whom ever is looking at her, very connected, I love that!


@DollyPardon CONGRATS! on your sale. Someone must’ve been waiting for her!!!


Congrats on the sale!! They are both beautiful.
I was thinking of doing my Tobiah and Gertie next but Im torn because I think I want to do my Jennie twins (awake and asleep) first…what do you think? I need someone to make up my mind for me :wink:


Someone was. Hahaa. It was a collector who follows new listings. She wanted one of my babies at some point and had recently fallen in love with the Jennie sculpt, so everything just worked out this time.

As an aside, it never used to matter what I painted because my customers were usually moms who wanted a pretty baby for their daughters. Now that this is shifting to more collectors, it does matter. They seem to follow the new kit releases like we do and know what they want.

Thanks, @Lil. I’m voting the Jennie twins. You will love them and I’m sure they will sell quickly. :blush:


Sold…Ill put away my LLE kits and get my Jennie kits out. I have some really cute outfits for them already :slight_smile:


Well that was easy. :rofl: Can’t wait to see them finished