**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


I just got back from the post office and the box is off to… @Phassell!
Tracking number is 9505513955228226276958

I had so many wonderful donations that I switched from a small 12x12x12 box to a medium 16x16x15 (I think) box! It weighs 15lb 5oz and contains 108 items to choose from! I hope that everyone finds some special things that they can use.

:slight_smile: Tagging all of the participants:

@Theara, @hyelah1990, @britt40478, @missannie2, @Tungaro, and @Katinafleming

And I currently have room for 3 more.

Tagging all of the newbies that I can find that have expressed interest…


I can’t wait, let the fun begin!!


The first 3 to comment will be added to this round!

I’m tagging everyone I can find that expressed interest. Newbies (less than 1 year) only please, the other box will open for sign-ups soon for folks who have been around longer than 1 year. :slight_smile:

@Kimmiee @alissameagher - I could have sworn that I had more newbies to tag, but these were the only interested posts that I could find. :slight_smile: If I missed you and you’re interested, just post here!


Yes I’m in


Perfect! Please PM me with your full name, email address, and shipping address and I’ll add you to the list. :slight_smile:


Do we have all 10 people now?


I have 2 more open spots, but we’ll proceed with 8 if no one else wants in. :slight_smile:


Woohoo let the fun begin!


Am I still in this round?


Yes Ma’am! :slight_smile:


Done thanks


@babies was one and @Ledbetterlittles was the other - they aren’t in the first post :slight_smile: yay so excited :laughing:


Oh my goodness I can’t wait! I will be watching the mail!


Babies decided not to join this time around. I forgot to tag @Ledbetterlittles, but she is on my list.

So I have 1 more spot left, or we can proceed with 9. :slight_smile:


OMG I wish I knew what was in there. What should I buy to contribute? What things do you guys want? I’m looking at 1 kit, 2 outfits and some paints and extras etc.


There really is at least a little bit of everything in the box! I can’t say specifics or it would spoil the surprise. I can PM you privately if you’d like to know what the most popular items have been in the past. :wink:


Yes please! I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t ask what’s inside the box. I’d appreciate a pm on what to buy. I live near a ton of kids stores and bet I can find something adorable.


I would like to know what are the most popular items.


Yours! :slight_smile:

I’ll send you the idea list that I sent to Theara.


Me too please! I want to make sure in current with the trends! Lol