**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


That’s what I’m talkin bout @Katinafleming!! Sometimes we just need a lil distraction from the harsh reality.


I need this now and a gas mask.


Apparently we could all use one, I guess you just never know… I would have never thought “Oh, I better make sure there aren’t any bugs in my package before I take it inside” It is just blowing my mind!!! :dizzy_face:


Never crossed mine any of the times I’ve had packages. I was like whoa. I’m sure my eyes bugged out and I think I screamed


I would have done the same.




The raccoons and possums bring them into our yard, especially when it’s really dry. Our packages are being shuffled around throughout the country next to all the other boxes and bags. It’s feasible that the bugs came from traveling. Even the carriers could have an infestation in their trucks and cars.
Bed bugs and lice are bad in schools, too. Kids bring them in on their clothes and in their book bags. I believe they are so bad because of how the teachers are made(or choose) to set up the chairs and desks, now. Sitting in groups puts them closer together…closer to each other’s hair, body parts(germ city), and clothes rubbing against each other. It’s all disgusting. There isn’t enough GermX to keep all that under control. Classrooms are so cramped to make room for learning centers and larger class sizes that it’s not uncommon to have the back of their heads touching one another in the different groupings.


I can’t believe anything would be alive after that long of a time in plastic bags.


Schools should let parents know when there is a problem in the classroom. However, I had a student with lice that was out for over a week. I knew NOTHING about it, as I had 2-3 students miss daily. This was just before Christmas break when hundreds of parents and family were to gather in the auditorium for the winter musical. Here comes that student with his family to tell me why he had missed. Dad stated they were so bad in their house that they moved. I found it very irresponsible on the admins part not to notify every one in my classroom so they could take precautions before coming to a large group gathering. Just think about how many of those families that could have had lice going to relatives during the holiday.:rage:
I was instructed to take the classroom set of Santa hats that they wore during the musical and place them in one trash bag and seal tightly. They would die off during the holidays.


That’s what I thought at first too, that maybe they got in there during the :package: long trip. But it doesn’t make sense if they are only in the bags from @britt40478… (Then again, none of it is making much sense at all anyways) And how did they get inside sealed plastic bags!!!


I would agree except it was in a sealed bag. It’s possible it got in the box somewhere along the way and then got bagged with her stuff. I didn’t open any bags except a sleeper and the turtle’s hat and diaper. I put it all back because my skin started crawling and I couldn’t tell if it was that bag at first.




My head is itching just reading and posting in this thread.:grimacing:


They’ve turned a lot of schools here into 2 or 3 schools packing a charter and a special needs school into a regular school building.


How do Mealy bugs get in sealed containers ?


I just stopped itching. Into the shower! My skin is crawling again.:cry:


Heading there, too.


Just got out of the tub myself… :confounded:


I love our small town school. My son’s third grade has a total of 22 kids. They have them split into 2 classes of 11. My other son’s second grade class is huge for the school. There are about 30 kids split into 2 classes. And there are aides that go between all the classes. I wish all schools could be this way. :slight_smile:


How do ants get in zip lock containers ? I do not know but had to throw out some very tasty creams .