Picture of last doll you worked on


That would be beautiful. She’s way too cute to leave bald :heart_eyes:


Im working on my two customs still…I finally got Raine, with her horrible orange vinyl, to look more pale as its what her Mommy wants…and here is my Zuri who Im nearly finished with.


if you are talking about the one I am doing she is Isabella by Regina S.


This is the last guy I’ve painted. Working on something slightly different now


WIP right now.


Thank you!


I was wondering where you went! I came across this kit and realized we never saw him finished!


Thank you kindly!


Just shipped out!


I want to cuddle him!


I’ve taken a progress photo of creasing to show my friends what a difference it makes. I’m still very slow and meticulous at it though, so I had only gotten these two limbs done before I had to leave for an appointment this afternoon.


Hey girl :slight_smile: Life got SO busy for a while! It’s crazy how fast time flies by!! All 3 of my girls are in school this year so, I have a little more free time. However, between dentist and doctor visits and school programs/events, I feel like there’s always something going on :smile: It’s so good to be back!
I know, poor little Lennox has been neglected :confused: I wish he was made of softer vinyl! It sure would make rooting easier!
How have you been? Any news babes?



Those creases I’m in love. They look great and not like cuts or too dark.


Yes, you checked in then left again @Summer. You haven’t lost your touch. Speaking of people who havent’ been around I saw @Toutlaw post-was wondering if you were still with us?


A custom Joseph.


I know girl, sorry! I’ve missed seeing everyone’s beautiful babies!and painting babies!! Finally, I get to start painting again this week :grin: but, I won’t be able to share until December… I’m super excited to bring a blank kit to life again :grin:!! There’s nothing like adding creases and details… watching vinyl turn to baby right before your eyes :blush:


Angela, I LOVE your Joseph!!! I know his mommy is thrilled :heart_eyes:


I have babies in baskets not finished!!! Lol, i hope to show some soon. I have a lottttt of rooting a head of me.
Yes, school. Lol, I am a music teacher, I have my boy in 8th grade public my girl in 5th grade homeschool(which she despises) so I know all about being busy!!! I wish I could paint and root faster!!!


Just love him!!!