Picture of last doll you worked on


@Estelle85 so as not to hijack this post I sent a PM about a musical instrument, thanks, lol!


Thank you. :slight_smile: You’ve just made my night!


Im still working on Tink, but started this other girl.


Working on several.

Big Joe.

A gift for a friend.

Started on Chase.


Look at that Josephs chunky body!!eeeeeee love him!!


working on Shyann with adrie limbs


So cute that way!


Little Darren


Hi Dear Ladies. Here is Fey Yen and Dominic Rafael, still working on them, Fey Yen is an biraciel color and Dominic is an mulatto


Working on Gracie


He’s so tiny!


He is! He’s so precious! Newborn sleepers are big on him, but pants shirts and onesies fit just fine


I can’t decide whether I like this bub better as a girl or a boy. I’m also annoyed that my camera can’t seem to pick up details or accurate color very well. One pic is too pink/red and the other is too yellow.


I like him better as a boy, but both are super cute!


Thanks. I think I will end up rooting him once I finish painting and sealing. Yours is really cute as well. He’s such a fun kit.


He really is! Mine practically painted himself, he came together so easily for me.


I love your Joe’s hair, it looks so realistic, you should do a hair painting tutorial!
Yeah, Chase…hes looking good so far…I have mine in line to be painted next. I hope to finish up these customs this weekend if my back allows me and then I want to paint my Tink and Chase, keeping in the family :wink:
I also really like your idea of hanging outfits on the wall…Im always looking for clothes that I know I have but have no idea where I stuffed it LOL


I don’t know when I’ll have time to finish him. I’m very busy with the new house at the moment.


Try a dark background.


Thanks for the tip. :blush: