RealBorn Sale Today!


I didn’t see them yesterday! 50% off! Looks like I will be buying my first RealBorn, lol!
I’m waiting for Zuri to go on sale! I want her!


you will enjoy painting realborns.


I’m very excited!


I think Jennie is adorable - can’t wait for her to be on sale.


So…which ones did you buy? :wink:


I’m still indecisive. Adulting is hard so I can only get 1! sad face


Why are the sales so quick


I didn’t see any I’m waiting for on sale. Which ones are on sale


Don’t wait too long. Those sales disappear as quick as they appear sometimes. They may be on sale for days, or it may just be hours. You never ever know. :grimacing:


I swear sometimes it’s minutes!


Especially the good ones. They don’t stay on sale long at all most of the time. :grimacing:


There’s quite a few for sale still!


Just bought some goodies and a new kit! I’ve waited all day pretty much! LOL!


Good luck and have fun with your realborn!