Ok, well, crap. I tried to post my baby on reborns and all my pictures disappeared. Is there any way to edit the post? Thanks


Click “my babies” after you log in. Then click the baby with the problem. It should open the listing back up. You can edit as much as you want.


Make sure to click “update” at the bottom of the page after you edit.


Thank you! Thank you!!


I read your description. Poor creepy little zombie baby. :grimacing:


Lol. Too bad there were no pictures to go with the story!


And now I see her pics. Yay! Good luck with her. :slight_smile:


This is to anyone here who might can help me. Does anyone know how to get in touch mamarobin? I think that is her name on here. I tried to look on FB. Is there a list on here that lists the members?


Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t know how to get I touch with her, but I know she’s in Canada. Maybe she’s been busy with the Thanksgiving holiday?




True. Just have something I wanted to share with her. I will see her sooner or later on here. And, has anyone ever heard from crochetdollbaby.com? I have not heard nor seen any new videos for a very long time.


Her name on here is @Mommarobin. She was on here today. Just click her name and send her a message.


Thanks! I thought I had her name right, but wasn’t sure. I forget about the hashtags! LOL


Do you mean customdollbaby.com? I’m somewhat new around here, but I haven’t heard of a crochetdollbaby. Maybe someone who has been here longer can help. :slight_smile:


YES, I did mean customdollbaby.com. My mind is not as quick as it used to be.


@Kim_CustomDollBaby hasn’t been on since July of last year. :frowning:


Last I heard she was taking a break to have her son…