Sale are down


Is anyone else having lower than usual sales? I went from pulling my hair and can’t keep up to dead silence. What gives?


Yes, I have only sold one baby. It’s really slow now, I pray things pick up soon!!!


Where are y’all selling? I have the $20 a month plan on The majority of mine are selling within a day or two of being listed. One took about a week. About half have been layaways. But I can’t keep up. They are selling faster than I can make them.


Sales are down for me. But I imagine its because I refuse to take less than my babies are worth so they sit longer. I’m tried of competing with poorly made work that sells for less than the cost of supplies. So they can sit. They will sell eventually


Always sold on my Facebook page alone. I have a lot of people following my page so I never really thought I would have to sell anywhere else again. I think a lot of the people that are on my page or not really collectors they’re just people that think it’s neat to look at. Maybe I will have to explore other avenues I just can’t believe how it just suddenly just dropped off. And I am just @taylorsgirl. I refuse to come down on my prices. I’m just kind of dumbfounded about the whole thing.


Honestly. This is what happens when people sell tutorials and make this look easy and a quick buck. That flooded the market with poorly done dolls at pennies on the dollar and now everyone expects to get the dolls at those prices.
I’ve been doing this since before tutorials and all that. It was considered special and so the dolls sold for more and the art was valued.
Now. Everyone thinks it’s easy and it has no artistic value unless you are the lucky ones who sell prototypes for thousands. Or give them away.

Its sickening. But people did this to themselves. The chickens have come home to roost. Imo


My experience is similar to @Katinafleming. My dolls are selling on the reborns website within hours, a day or two. Only had one that took like 4 or 5 days to sell, but that was a more expensive doll. There were several offers for payment plans that I turned down.

I did some experimenting that I’m not thrilled with along with a bit of painting in the dark and am about to list the next two as afordababies. Hopefully they move quickly. The other one I’m working on will be full price and most likely already has a buyer.

If your sales were good, then just suddenly died off, is it possible that it’s just part of the normal ebb and flow? A couple of months ago, I had like 3 babies listed and nothing was selling. They all sold in one day.


I had trouble too. Do you guys do layaways or straight purchase?


Mine are slow too. On Last year I sold 13 this year 2…


I am happy if I sell one in a month or two. I can’t compete with low price dolls, as I have to deal with canadian currency value and shipping cost of material. I think my prices are fair for my work. Maybe I am wrong though. I sure hope to be able to sell a doll in a few hours/days ! I paint faster than I sell.


Im suddenly having problems selling on Reborns, I was selling like crazy. I did sell my Ramsey last month but since then, I hear crickets. Ive sold two on Facebook though, just sold my Levi today. The lady asked me if he was still available…I said, well yes, I just now listed him LOL
I still have my Chase and my Uriel for sale…I can’t figure out why no one wants my Uriel…I think I did a good job on her and I don’t usually compliment myself all that much…I don’t know what the deal is.


I offer layaways but no one seems to want to give me that non refundable deposit. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. Im lucky to have had a lot of great customers, and easy customs.


Your Uriel is amazing! And she’s priced way too low. That is really weird that she hasn’t sold yet. She should have sold right away! And Chase too…should be priced much higher. Why in the world are they still sitting there available?! That makes absolutely no sense!


I have been afraid of dealing with the headache of layaways but maybe I need to reconsider. Have you had any issues ?


Thank you :), I don’t know what the deal is. I have lowered the price and still no one wants either one of them. I wondered if maybe people had issues with me living in France but I sold my Ramsey for the same price as my Uriel is listed now and she sold to someone in the US. OH wait…Ramsey sold for a bit more actually.

@aclovly the only person Ive sold to on layaway has been the lady who has commissioned me to make several customs of her and I have no problem trusting her but I think if you insist on a non refundable deposit of, at least, 50 or 60 dollars and someone pays that, than they are probably serious.


@Lil thanks


I am having a great year which I have doubled what I made last year. The beginning of November it was pretty slow and then came Thanksgiving. I sold 9 over Thanksgiving weekend. Most of mine have sold on Etsy. I have had a few return customers but the rest have been new. I sold 3 on Thanksgiving weekend on Reborns and one last weekend. I do a layaway but not at this time of the year. I also listed 4 custom orders in October and they sold out. Right now I have six sitting for pictures, and one is sold. I decided to see how much I sold on Reborns this year since it is my first year as gold membership compared to my selling fees on Etsy and Reborns is a little higher. I am not sure I will do a full year next year or not.


@trilliants Wow, that’s wonderful !!! I have never tried etsy but maybe I need to to broaden my options.


I can’t seem to sell the 3 I’ve painted


You’re so right. The problem is that everyone thinks they can paint reborns. The information on how to make them is so abundant and most of it is free. I’m grateful I was able to learn but their are so many poorly made dolls flooding the market.