SECONDS on Sale! (or are they "First Quality"?)


Hi Everyone

We have gotten very behind on our inspecting, so I told our QA manager to select kits to put on as “Seconds” without inspecting them. This should help us catch up with the inspecting.

Next, I put a large number of “Seconds” kits on sale (under “Other Special Kit Deals”). You will see them on the home page now. This will include a large number of kits that were marked as “Seconds” for the sole reason that we did not have time to inspect them.

And then I also just put a large number of “First Quality” kits on sale.

Check them all out!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


$25 for sleeping Presley?! I was excited to get him at regular price. I though he was long gone. :heart_eyes:


Yeah I got my fourth of the quads she has been discontinued for like a long time little Muffin and I thought I would just have to settle for triplets :smile:


Muffin is in my cart. I bought Puddin the other day. I wish I could afford to stock up on all these retired kits while they have them in stock. :grimacing:


I got the others and Puddin before she was retired but Muffin was gone before I started thinking about getting them .


And she’s so cheap, it would be crazy for you not to get her. :wink:


Good thing I’m not totally crazy :smile:


Wish I waited!!!


I saw this and grabbed me both Presley awake and asleep. Woohoo me almost bought at full price the other day so glad I didn’t


I’ve had one in my stash for some time so didn’t feel so tempted a few days ago when he showed up. However, the price today is just too good to pass up. Plus, I got another Thomas. I’m so weak.:weary:


I have all the limited edition realborns in my stash now (all seconds except Asher.) Presley asleep was all I needed to complete the group. I bought him the other day and don’t regret paying $50. But now I’m super tempted to get another Presley asleep and another Thomas asleep.


Yay! I just ordered Brooklyn!


i have both presleys in my stash but as i paid full price for them have put of reborning them as i didnt want to mess them up or accidentally burn their parts in oven. But i am learning air dry now and these will give me ones to practice on and will have the others for later when i am better at air dry


I tried so hard to resist but when I saw they still had Presley in stock I just had to buy!! I love these surprise sales!


I tried my best to resist but broke down and ordered. Well I mean @hyelah1990 broke me down and “forced” me to order. :wink:


What?! So if I break down and order, I can just blame @hyelah1990? I didn’t know this was an option. From now on, I can not be accountable for my own dolly purchases. It’s all hyelah’s fault. I like this new game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:


That is how I am playing it! Works for me. :rofl:


Shoooot… I don’t care, lol. Blame it on me :laughing: -Both a ya!!


I am sure you dont care since I bought 2 of each one…one for me and one for you!:kissing_closed_eyes: Nothing like the good ol buddy system!


Hey, I told you @Phassell… I got the shipping :wink::grin: hehe