Stripping strippers


So I’m painting my first toddler Gabriella. Once I get to a certain point in painting I realize I just don’t like the way she looks. I already stripped her once now I’m thinking about doing it again.



here’s one i made last week as a custom


She’s cute I’m afraid I’ll have to strip mines and start over


She’s looking good. What skin tone are you going for?


third time’s the charm :slight_smile:


Light African American. She looks good then when I bake the color changes omg




I wouldn’t strip. Her skin tone looks right on track for light African American. I would just going with what you have. :heart:


I’m going to leave her alone for a couple of days and go back to look


I think she looks ok too. Probably a wash of some type will get the color you want.


Your right I’m going to take more photos today during the day time


So after stripping I noticed the vinyl is tearing the toes are separating and there’s a tiny yet large rip in the creases of the leg. This is really horrible


Oh no!! :weary: What did you strip with??


Windsor newton brush cleaner and acetone


Just thinking maybe something weakened the vinyl in the cracks somehow :thinking:


I don’t know. But I’m all most ready to throw in the towel. I can’t seem to get things right just feel defeated


I’ve never used acetone to strip. But I’ve heard it’s a big no no. Could this be why?


I’m learning that. Next time we’ll hopefuly there isn’t a next time but next time I’ll stick to what I been using


I learn sooo many things the hard way. And my lessons are usually learned on expensive kits. :grimacing:


I’m leaning towards the acetone too… But I haven’t used it either.