Моя версия Джесси от Дона Руперт ждём мамулю



Она великолепна!


Ooh freckles! I love this baby. Anyone know what kit this is?


какой комплект она?


You are so talented, he is absolutely stunning. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! Your coloring and brows and the FRECKLES are the best I have seen. Great photo shoot.




Stunning! Man, some of the artists from Russia just blow my mind! Must be something in the water over there. :joy:

Is this Jesse?


Jesse kit, sculpted by Kelly & Donna RuBert. Just stunning!


Definitely the best one I’ve ever seen! And this is an old kit without a ton of detail. Just goes to show that it’s not really the kit, but the artist’s skills that make a beautiful doll.


Джесси от Дона Руперт


Спасибо большое приятно


Translation:" thank you very much pleased"

I hope to see more of your work. You are very talented!

Надеюсь увидеть больше вашей работы. Ты очень талантлив!


Wow!! Love it!


I am BLOWN AWAY!! gorgeous!!


Oh I Love, Love, Love him, he is adorable!!!




Wow! Amazing job on those freckles.




Wow, beautiful!


Wow she’s beautiful. Any tips on achieving those freckles