Vampire baby listed


I have (hopefully) successfully (but maybe not) posted my Fritzi on reborns with pictures under Zelda Ripley Baby. I then went to the post office to buy a box for shipping but it didn’t seem like the boxes would be large enough. So I went to WalMart to get a bigger box and long story short- she now comes with a small box opening:( If you have any feedback for me on the listing it would be greatly appreciated. This selling babies thing has been severely nerve-wracking and I may or may not be downing a cold one as we proverbially speak.
Thanks again for all the pointers you guys have provided!


Awesome! Have you ever sold on Reborns? I love your cute girl! Good luck! :kissing_heart:


I saw her last night when I was looking around. I have listed 6 babies, last month, and I have sold 4 but only 3 count as being sold on reborns as one was a private sale. If I were you I would not say that your babies has many flaws, sometimes that can turn people off. You can say that she has a boo boo which you did point out and thats good. The only problem I see is that in your description I noticed you said you were new, so am I…I put that I have been reborning for a bit over a year in my nursery description…but then you said your baby has MANY flaws, I would remove that part. Other than that I love your listing, especially the story at the beginning of your listing :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ve never sold anything anywhere so I’m going to need it :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback! I think you were right and I edited the listing. I didn’t want to doll to sound awful, just didn’t want to disappoint.


I went and favorited her!!!


Yay! Baby got a heart! Thank you!!!


She will sell Fast!!! She’s AWESOME!!!


Post your link! I’ll go favorite it too. She’s awesome!!!

#10 Got it. :slight_smile: do you have to have a current membership to log in? @nikkiroc do you know?


Thank you! I don’t know if you need an account or not. I’m still trying to learn the website…lost all my pics yesterday the first time I posted. Derp.


I can log in, I don’t have a current membership… I haven’t had anything to list in ages! @Miss_Kitty


Hmmmm I musta put in the wrong info


Two hearts! Thanks, guys!