You know you’re a reborn artist when...add yours!


My 4 yr old gave me a good one to share yesterday!
She walked up pretending to read an insert… (from Macphersons that says not to put ink by kits, etc. there is a baby and a stop sign on the image)
Her reading it:
“if you have an oven you can bake a baby in it. If you don’t have a baby, stop and bake a chicken!”

Bwuahaha :heart:


How Cute🐔




That is so hilarious! And, like a 4-year-old!!! :slight_smile: I just love it!


Once I stopped at “mine won’t” then I realized the clerk looked horrified and that I needed to complete the sentence :scream:


That lady was taken aback for a couple of seconds, but she recovered well. LOL




@jlesser Priceless! We should have a separate thread for ‘Real Baby’s Talk’. That would be so much fun! I remember how funny my son was. My daughter was born matured already.


All of these comments are cracking me up!! :rofl:


I literally just had this conversation.
“What would you like for your birthday?”
I glance over at my doll clothes
She said, “For YOU! Your babies have enough stuff!”
I sat there thinking “but what’s the difference? My dolly stuff is for ME! :joy:
P.s. I ended up getting dolly stuff :rofl:


Ouch ! I’ve had that happen before with a bottle calf seemed like every time I turned around I was bumping it on something lol
You know you are reborn artist when you are a reborn artist when you take your kits,oven ,supplies and dollys in plastic totes when you have to go to the celler or evacuate


When you buy yourself some new underwear and look at the little hanger they came on and think “this will be perfect to hang baby clothes on” :rofl:


Everyone has such cute quips, :rofl: I have been setting here laughing my head off!!!


I know, right?! :laughing: I love this thread!


When you buy storage totes based on whether or not they could pass for a hospital bassinet :thinking: My Walmart trip tonight set me back 12 dollars on the fanciest tote :joy:


@AlyBrick I got one at the dollar general for the exact same thing. I wish I could find a plastic one that looked more realistic though but this one will do for now.


I will take a few pics with mine tomorrow for my Yophi baby.


Haha! Will my baby fit in this and the lid shut? lol


I actually think I can get three babies in this one but I may have to turn their heads to shut the lid :joy:


Funny comments! I have more photos of my reborn babies and my fur babies on my iPhone than members of my family (grandkids,etc.). I always shop baby clothes whenever I am out and I drop into Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores in search of “vintage” clothing…