Fur baby thread!


Aww so glad to hear he seems to perking up a bit. And yes, he will most likely have parasites.

Thabk you so much for the update :heart:




This kitty been blessed!!


Thank you


Love this thread! This is our princess, Kuma. She’s 14 and the last of our three pups (the other two lived long, happy doggy lives with us). She’s pretending to be in Venice…a painting I started before we even had her…one day maybe I’ll finish it :joy:

We also have a ball python named Angitia who I’ve had for over 20 years, and a huge koi pond (I swim with my fish!). Including the fish because they all have names. Definitely members of the family :blush:

Before we had kids there were ferrets, bearded dragons, the occasional fostered stray, and African Chichlids. Post-kids we had to kick the habit of falling in love and adopting new furry/scaley/finny friends.


Sorry if you guys are getting sick of seeing my rescue kitty, but he is making even more improvement. We’ve decided to name him Storm, and he has made his home on my screened in porch, where he will be protected from other animals. :black_heart:


He is looking like a Maine Coon in this pic. Like this one. @AlyBrick



She is beautiful! Love the fish!


Yes! I think so too! He seems to even have the black tipped ears although they are a little tangled right now. I’m hoping he is mostly Maine Coon, because they are some beautiful huge kitties!


I agree, what a beautiful kitty!!


I have eight cats. Six of them are rescues. All one family that showed up at my house. I was suppose to take them to the humane society. Five years ago.
They are my children. I had cameras installed so I can watch them and talk to them. We feed them on gold plates. My husband thinks I’m crazy. Lol

And I don’t have two dogs. But don’t tell them that. I don’t even know where the white and brown one lives but every time I walk outside they come running down the hill and across the bridge. They have done this for years.


They come to where they feel welcomed and loved!


Sorry to hear about you bunny. But the rest of your family looks lovely. I just love how comfortable cats get when they sleep. I sure wish I was that flexible!!


Oh Btw-- I have an AMAZING student who has done a few pet portraits. This one is acrylic on canvas. Next school year I’ll be helping her build a business, so I’ll let y’all know when she’s ready to take on new clients! :blush:


Gorgeous fur babies!


Love it!


Wow, talented


Oooh he is fluffy little guy. Glad he’s on the mend. I wonder if he will ever grow into his ears :heart::cat:


Love the koi and there’s nothing mire sweet than the face of old dog❤


He is! He’s got some big paws to match! He goes to the vet this afternoon, which is good because the lump on his neck was an abscess (probably from a bite) and it popped last night. I’ve got one stinky kitten :confounded: