Fur baby thread!






I love this breed! They are beautiful @pia!


Thanks! Her dad was a Cavalier King Charles!


:flushed: those are huge!


We hope to someday have a Cavalier or another little Cavapoo buddy for her. I was a little hesitant going full cavalier since they are heavy shedders. Clover doesn’t shed and I love that about her!


Sorry for your loss. Sending hugs your way.


Thank you


That reminds me of a similar situation I went through with hawks and puppies! Thankfully, my cat Miko was around because he saved our little Morkie from being taken by a hawk. We lived in the country and the hawks were ruthless! Miko attacked the hawk as it was trying to grab our little puppy Max. So scary.


Such a cutie. If we could only turn back time!! That part makes if difficult, the “if I only” thinking. In time another sweetie will come along and melt your heart. I enjoy fostering bug my kids don’t like it because they think it’s not fare to out resident cat. I tell them how it’s very helpful to the animals to get a break from the shelter even if it’s temporary.


She’s beautiful! My mother is a yorkie lover! Always had one. There high maintenance(or at least my moms were) but very wonderful to have.


They are very loving dogs, but they are high maintenance because of the gromming. But its worth it to me lol


Omg the pic of kitten with sleeping dog is adorable!!!


Cavaliers can also have separation anxiety. They become very attached to their owner and usually favor one person in the house. That’s the only reason I haven’t gotten one yet because I’m away from home a lot. But Charlie has major separation issues too, so I think a Cavalier would keep him company and vice versa.
I’m not working anymore so if that stays permanent, I won’t have to worry about the anxiety issues. At the moment, Charlie comes with me everywhere. He freaks when I leave him if I don’t put him in his kennel where he feels safe. Charlie is always my plus one. Lol.


My son’s dog, Finnegan

my dog, Barney
my daughter’s dog, Baxter.

Baxter is a mini schnauzer as well, but he’s super mini! Only 9 lbs, as compared to 17 lbs for Barney. He lives with us, so I get to pup sit all day :slight_smile:
Finnegan visits often as my sons in-laws don’t like dogs. So we get him when they visit in-laws. He’s a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle)


I am seriously loving the pictures of everyone’s animals. If I don’t put my phone down I won’t accomplish anything today. Lol. I can talk about pets all day!


Did someone say fur baby??? I recently had a photo shoot with my “kids” and had them printed on 11x14 canvas. They are Olive, Rowan, Jack, Bridget

And here’s another pic. The babies on top were when we had 6 dogs. Three have since passed away of old age (one was 18!) and we have since adopted Bridget the poodle mix. The pic on the bottom is me and my dear Abbott. It was for a PetSmart ad. If you want to know something funny, they photoshopped his private part out.


I know! I left to bring hubby to church. Got back, and this post has blown up! Lol


That’s so awesome!!


Charlie is such a sweetie! Clove does have some separation anxiety. She sleeps in a small room with a gate, and she will scratch the walls in there sometimes if I am gone all day. I think a companion would solve this problem, but a 4 year old, 1 year old, 2 year old forever puppy, and a puppy seems rough! She is an excellent companion though. She always comes when you call her, and having terriers my whole life, I was delighted by this trait!