Fur baby thread!


Yours is adorable! Schnauzers have the best personalities.


We had a goat named “Billy”. We got him to help get rid of green briar, but he would only eat the leaves and not the stalk. We used electric wire to contain him to the desired acre that we wanted him to work on… Billy was not much help, so we returned him to the “goatman” that we bought him from. Our grandson was 2 1/2 when we had Billy and he thought it was GREAT.


This was mother’s day this year. Charlie, my three daughters, their boyfriends, and my daughters dogs, Draco- pit and Evie- a chihuahua mix.


I can’t wait to see Alfie as he grows!! He’s going to be adorable!! I love white schnauzers. Alfie is a cute name. I’d go with that. :blush:


He’s a black and silver


I have said that so many times! Any kind of stress seems to do that, and kids do bring stress!


My third child has gifted me with a ton of grey hair! Lol


The black cat is my Boo. He was a newborn feral kitten that I rescued from my dog. He was bottle raised and is mean as a rattle-snake. I’ve lost track of the number of people he’s bitten. He’s like the little girl with the curl, though. If you catch him in the right mood, he’s just the sweetest thing. I adore him. My kitty Boo is hands down my favorite thing ever. Seriously love this cat. He’s my heart :slight_smile:

The big brown dog is Miles. Sweet goofy boy. The cats love him and he loves them.

Carrie Fisher is my little Space Princess. She is as friendly as Boo is ornery. Everyone is her friend and she loves to sleep in any lap she can find, including the dog’s.

I picked Jolene up on the side of the interstate last Thursday. Had no intention of ever getting another dog after Miles, but here we are. I’m a sucker for an orphan. She’s keeping us all very busy and I haven’t had a chance to paint since I brought her home.

I mean I’m seriously obsesses with my Boo…y’all can tell from the pictures how gorgeous and smart and extra extra special he is, right?


Love the grey and white kitty!

They all seem like great personalities:)


Love them all! I adore black cats though, and I can relate to his behavior lol My foster baby Jimmy is like that too, but I love him just the way he is. And your new pup is so gorgeous! Of course the other 2 are as well lol I had a cat named Milo, so I’m partial to Miles :rofl:
Here’s my buddy Milo, he passed away at only 1 1/2 years old in January 2015, just before I started painting my first doll. So I named my nursery after him. This is the last pic I ever took of him in December 2014. I’ve had lots of cats and lost lots of cats, but something about him was special and I think everyone would get so sick of me posting every single cat I’ve ever had :rofl:


That’s Carrie Fisher. She lives to pose for pics!


What a beautiful cat he was!


He’s gorgeous!!


Thank you, I miss him so much. Jimmy looked a lot like him as a kitten, but now that he’s gotten um… very fat :rofl: and lost his kitten fluff, he doesn’t look much like him at all.


:joy: Now Jimmy looks like Jimmy!


That hat looks like it suits him!


He’s gorgeous!


Lol he certainly does! His vet says he has a neck like a thug :rofl: He’s got such a thick neck and no extra skin like most cats have. He’s a pain to hold onto at the vet. And he also can’t meow properly, he squeaks and it’s so cute and it’s really funny when he’s so mad but all he can do is squeak. He’s got enough extra toes to make up for it though. He’s a feisty, cranky thing, and he’s very pointy and sharp so don’t make him mad :rofl: Here’s a pic of him at the vet. Notice the welding gloves and towel? He hurt too many employees and they had to examine his eye lol


I find the roaches a bit creepy but I bet they make interesting pets!


I had a black cat growing up! Heidi! Yep Heidi although he was a boy. When we first got them he got through a little tiny opening in our porch. We thought he was “hiding” but he was got stuck in branches. lol how he got his name.

He was too this date (shhh… was the best animal I ever had) lol He was soooooo affectionate and loving. He absolutely loved to being held and was lap cat. My sister and I would swaddle him up and let us pretend he was a baby.

Gorgeous cat! Sorry for your loss!