Idts 2019


I’m not sure what VIP is, I tried asking on their Facebook page but didn’t get a response. I just paid for the regular 95 dollar ticket


Very important person


@Vanniek LOL I know what the letters stand for! Just not sure what you get if you pay extra for it! :joy:


LOL awe!! okay I’m sorry!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@anjsmiles your table/booth is at IDTS or ROSE? We are coming over to IDTS as a day trip on that Friday so I’ll have to introduce myself.


@Dami here is a link to all the info for the show!


IDTS. I would love to meet you!!! Be sure to tell me you know me from BB.


Thank’s @ellakabella :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


We need to have name tags from BB lol


You are right as you come in the door? I’ll look for you!


On the left side against the wall the first table 101


Got the info about VIP from the website:
VIP tickets will also be available for those who wish to gain an early entrance to the show on opening day.
These tickets will be priced at $25.00, and will get the collector into the show room an hour prior to regular admittance.
So instead on 10 am VIP people can enter at 9:00 am.


They have rooting class on 18th for $200. Or it’s enough to watch tutorials and practice on my own to get into the rooting?

@Vanniek Are you planning to attend rooting class?


My friend Michelle Hagins is teaching rooting and she is an excellent teacher!


Thanks Angie!!!

Yes, I am teaching the intermediate/advanced rooting class at IDTS. Angie posted the link above. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the class, or even IDTS in general.


I will be teaching on the 19th. My price is $225.

Honestly taking a class in person is always better than videos. You get to see first hand and ask questions. In my class if you are struggling in a certain area you get one on one help. I hope that helps.


@michelleh Is your class mohair only or do you also do alpaca? I am toying with the idea of attending this year for this class, but my finances are still wobbly, so I haven’t committed :confused:


I don’t know yet…have to see how funds go :slight_smile: I’m a very beginner so I really need a lot of help, lol I’m all thumbs.


Thank you. Your class is advanced and I never rooted before.


I generally use mohair. I have rooted with alpaca. If you sign up for the class and want to use alpaca, I will make sure I pack some for you to use. I don’t think I have any in stock right now, but that’s not a problem.