Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Both of them are beautiful, I love that hair, amazing, It looks real!


She looks fantastic!


Beautiful baby!!!


Preemie Bean. She’s a present for my mum because she’s always wanted a preemie doll as a way of remembering what I was like (I was 8 weeks early) and I don’t want to do a portrait baby of myself. She picked the kit and final say on colouring and complexion (she’s a bit more mottled and yellow than I’d like but mum thinks she’s perfect like that.) Just waiting for her eyes and body, which should be here by the time her paint’s had a few days to cure.

Her nails are being left just bare flesh colour unglossed because I apparently had no finger or toe nails until I was almost 3 months old.


Thank you💕


Beautiful tones! :heart:


So tiny!


Finally finished rooting Sadie’s head. I feel that my rooting game is definitely stronger after doing three heads in a week! Her hair is cut, but not styled yet. I was working on her at school. Freaked out most of my students. I told them it’s what I do to cheaters, LOL


Here is a quick picture of cutie as a boy. He needs eyelashes .


She’s such a sweet sculpt! Hair looks great!


Awww, cute!


Thank you


I added a bit more hair on the top and trimmed those little hairs but here is my Levi’s rooting. I love, love, love this hair by The Quirky Chromalist .

I just noticed he has hair clippings under his nose LOL


Yes I love her hair also, used for the first time on my last doll. I’ll definitely be buying from her again


That looks fabulous!


Progress on Tacy after 5 broken needles ( 3 not cheap Heavenly Illusion) I don’t know why, vinyl is soft.

Beautiful mohair from Russia. I will take a look at Quirky Chromalist


He is super cute !!


Love the swirl, beautiful rooting!


Gorgeous Mohair!


Quality is very good and really not expensive. But I never know if it will be coarse or not. For the price I am not picky ! I use it usually for older or bigger babies.