Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Thank you! Your baby is lovely! How’s long did it take you to complete your first from start to finish?


That is a tough one for eyebrows!!




So sweet!


Thank you! Here they are at home with their brother Levi, also painted and rooted by me! image


They are both amazing but I love Violet, she’s so cute with the little pony tails and I LOVE that dress!


She’s lovely and that hair OMG…amazing!


Joseph finally got a body. I assembled him right away but missed the daylight for pics. Here are some bad pics anyway :slight_smile:


Also wanted to share Raphael’s prisma hair


The most realistic prisma hair I have ever seen !


Wow!!! Gorgeous hair!!! How many colors of Prisma did you use?


@jeepers Love, love, love it!


What amazing hair !!


Thank you! Just two colors, dark umber and peach beige. For the dark umber I was light handed, medium then heavy handed so it may look like different colors but it’s just the one :slight_smile:


When I did Berenguers like that years ago, I did have a had time turning the head. Someone recommended gluing a piece of satin ribbon into the groove. I eneded up doing it that way and it worked a lot better.


So sweet!! Love him!


Good idea!


Absolutely beautiful!


That hair is fantastic!!



It always feels weird for me to take pics of doll parts lol but here is my WIP Honey.