Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Yes :slight_smile:
and thank you so much


You are doing a great job @AlyBrick. This hobby is addicting, and is a wonderful form of relaxation.


I love her bottom lip and chin, so sweet and expressive. Great job :two_hearts:


Tacy is born ! Big girl 6,2 lbs, 23"
It’s raining here but can’t wait to take some pictures


thank you <3


@Lil You doing an awesome job, as always! Tobiah one of my favorite sculpt and may be my future project if I’ll ever get over that muscle spasmed leg :wink:


@Leabelle So pretty! Great job! I love her ‘big girl’ hair and ‘big girl’ outfit.


Thank you !


Im currently pulling out and replacing her hair…I just wasn’t happy with it, I like this hair that Im using now much better.


Wow! To pull all that!..:scream:


Oh no! What was wrong with it? I actually showed your pic (hope you don’t mind) to a customer looking for that color hair to ask if it’s what she wanted and she said yes. I haven’t used that brand so I have no clue what it’s like


I should have waited for my new hair to get here but I have done that many times. I have even pulled out an entire head of hair…I drive my husband crazy because Im too much of a perfectionist. I pick at everything!


I just don’t like the colour on her, I love HP Babylocks I use it all the time. I rooted my custom Luciano with the same.

I have nearly every colour of HP btw :wink:


Oh good! I usually use @Rainbowbabies because I love it and it’s cheaper too. But I also never order from BB. I’m eager to try it out of my big Joe though


Its very soft, lovely hair and very easy to root :slight_smile:


I’m excited to try it, it looks so pretty! And this color matches what the mama wants perfectly


I would love to, but I promised myself she would be the one to earn my supplies for me. I will take tons of pictures :wink:


@AlyBrick Can’t wait to see her completed. Good luck!


Your baby and your rooting looks beautiful!!:heart_eyes:. What hair is he/she rooted with?


Thank you! I’m using Angela’s in the back and I might get brave and try to root alpaca around the face :slight_smile: