Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Your welcome:)


I love preemies! They’re my absolute favorite to do. Especially after the nightmare that has been 3m Joseph lol I love her lip color, they look perfect for her skintone and so soft and real! I’m not a collector but I’d buy her from you if I could lol
I’d be buying mine from macphersons. I’m in Canada and can’t afford the shipping from any place in the US unless it’s a custom and I can’t get it elsewhere. Also customs fees suck so I avoid buying from the US :rofl:


I did 3 mos Joseph- ONCE ONLY! He is too big for me. I like newborn and preemies also. After dinner I’m back at the paint table- so I’ll try to leave her lips untouched! Sometimes I drive myself crazy trying to make things just right. You should get little Maia- I think she’s only a release of 500 WW!


I will try to get her. It depends on if I can sell some dolls or not. I don’t have a job right now so I only get money for kits when I can sell a doll.


Do you have a favorite preemie sculpt?


Blessing Winters is my favorite that I’ve painted but I like Maia more!


She’s precious!!


Thanks! I painted her almost 2 years ago so my style has changed a lot


I like her soft skin tone:)


Thank you, I really loved her! She went to a little girl for Christmas. I kept her for a year which I never do, but she was so charming that I fell in love.


I fall in love with certain blank kits and stay too scared to paint them!


Cutie! What sculpt is this?


I wish I could do that :rofl: I only ever buy one kit at a time so I have to paint it or I’d never get to reborn at all


It’s a secrist kit called “teddy”. It is 1/4 limb. I received it for free when I purchased a kit off of @GrammasLittleDoll. I used it to try out air dry paints.


Amazing painted hair!


I love these colorful babies. The yellow tones around the brows are so realistic. I love a good jaundiced baby- I think I’m partial to the yellow undertones lol.


Me too… until I try to paint with it… LOL then it looks like I smeared a dandelion on their face! LOL


Haha! That’s kind of what my real newborns looked like. I am excited to try Genesis Yellow. I only had yellow ochre for my first few kits. I also got mars black for this go round!


This hobby is expensive! Once my dolls started selling for more I was able to slowly build a stock. At the moment I have 6 doll kits- I don’t usually have too many- okay now I’m thinking and I have eight kits- and several on preorder but that’s not as bad as some;) if I had unlimited funds- I would really build a substantial stockpile;)


Thank you:) I worry sometimes that I go overboard with colors!!