Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


So handsome!!


I love the girl kit. Maybe it’s the pouting lips. :blush:


He looks amazing!


Shyann cuddle baby almost finished :blush:


Here are 2 that I recently finished
Luciano and Reese (Reese will be my Dollies for the Hollies donation baby at ROSE)


@jeepers He looks amazing!


@LisaLynn Oh wow! She is so beautiful!


@jlesser Awww, so sweet! I love that Reese kit! I have one but I haven’t made it yet, I love his face!

@PaperCityDolls Wow!!!


She’s gorgeous!


So sweet!


Wow! You do these sweet feminine babies so extremely well!


Next up in my studio! Excited to get some paint on these two:)


Thank you!


Thank you for your comments ladies :two_hearts:


Finished and listed. He was going to have light brown hair. But he wanted dark brown hair. I’m glad I went with what he wanted. :wink:


Turned out so beautiful!


@Katinafleming Great job, Katina! I looked at his listing - the pictures are priceless! he looks so real! I predict he will be sold so quickly.


Thank you @YelenaRey and @Reefbubbles. This kit is so cute in real life. :heart_eyes:


She is so adorable! :heart:


What a cutie! :heart: