Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Working on rooting a doll I finished painting over a year ago. I really hate rooting.


I have 3 heads waiting to be rooted because I hate rooting also.


It’s funny that is enjoy rooting… until the end


Finished rooting little Zuri. Her Mommy is happy with her and can’t wait for her to come home. That makes me feel amazing :blush: I couldn’t resist curling the top of her hair. She looks a little shiny in the first pic its mainly due to the water and fabric softener I sprayed on her hair.


What happens when you get to the end?


Something about the perfect cutting and fine details of styling that make me a little batty!


I LOVE her, beautiful job, keep us posted on mommy’s reaction when she gets her!!


Thank you, I will :blush:


Still working on Gracie


Custom baby I’ve been working on for a little while now. She’s the limited edition Adalyn kit. Her hair’s not finished yet, she still needs eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyes. But so far so good!


that is lovely rooting and beautiful hair, what brand hair is it?


he’s gorgeous


Just finished Brooklyn 2


I love the curly top :slight_smile: Your rooting looks great


Love the colors you use!


Thank you so much!


Love that hair! Swirly!


Renos never go to plan! I was just wondering about a romper or sweater because the custom I am sending home in like 2 weeks is loosely based of the one she fell in love with. He was of course wearing a beautiful knit romper.


Thank you :slight_smile: …I buy that from the lady who runs the Heavenly Illusions site in Germany, she processes it herself and its very soft, easy to root, and you can easily style it curly or straight. After trying a few different types of hair…not easy to get decent hair in Europe…I have decided to stick with her hair and HP Babylocks which I buy from Once so Real in Germany. I also have a bunch of hair from Russia that is thicker but still soft, Im going to use it for my larger babies.


Are there exclusive kits that are Europan or Australian exclusive? I’ve seen a few but nothing that caught my eye.