Nuwave inside


Just curious how many use their nuwave inside, for how many years and do you feel like it’s bothered your health. I use mine outside and I hold my breathe with the smell.




I bake inside and have for almost 3 years. I always make sure to have my fans running and my sliding doors wide open. I don’t believe my health has been affected.


I use it inside but not every day . Trying not to breath when opening and taking out the doll parts . You can feel some smell .
I think the problem would be if someone rebound several hours a day and baking many times in a few hours .


I use mine inside under the kitchen exhaust fan.

I use a “knockoff” brand. I did buy a nuwave last year… but it broke after like 3 uses and stunk SOOOO bad. I hate it and it gives me a headache.

My smaller convection oven has a glass dome and I do not smell it much while it bakes. I do hold my breath when removing it from the oven. And try not to bake when the kidlets are home.


I feel sick when I reborn for about 8hours in a day. I get so obsessed I lose track of time. I know some people use their stove so I was just curious.


Do you break to eat?


I use mine inside. Window wide open, fans a blazing. Doesn’t bother me!


Hahaha, maybe not enough!


I work during the week, so when I get a change to paint I am like go go go.


I just know I get to painting then hours later I realize I haven’t eaten all day. lol


I know, 5 hours is like 30min to me. lol


In winter I use mine under the exhaust fan (on high) in the kitchen. I also hold my breath when removing from the nuwave. I haven’t noticed any health differences.

Last summer I used a spare room with the windows open and fan on. I don’t find this as effective as the range exhaust though.


I use both of mine inside my craft room. they’re right in front of a window, but to be honest the window is rarely opened more than an inch or two. I don’t like cold or wind blowing on me at all, so I never open the window wide when I’m in here working. The rest of the house is freezing though (by my standards anyone lol) cause my two patio doors stay open year round, and I leave the craft room door open whenever I’m not in here, so I guess that airs it out. I’ve never been bothered by the smell or had any ill effects. And even when it’s on and baking babies there’s no smell in any other parts of the house.


I’ve been using a NuWave since last summer and always have the ceiling fan on and a lot of times, the patio door open, too. I don’t think my health has been affected; just had a check up in December.

I’d rather use the NuWave than my home oven, which is what I used the other 14 years. What a PAIN it was, remembering to clean it after I was done baking each day :rolling_eyes:


I bet!!! I usually paint in the kitchen and I don’t open the windows. Is that bad?


I know what you mean about the oven cleaning, but honestly that didn’t bug as much as the walking back and forth between the craft room and kitchen. I think i got more excersize while painting than I did any other time lol.


Yes, I stick mine outside. Does the vinyl smell stay in your house?


That’s true! And boy, do I NEED the exercise!


I like to have some type of ventilation, whether a fan or a window open. I don’t actually smell the paint while I’m painting. Or maybe I’m just used to it.

I can’t say that I’ve noticed a smell…but maybe like carbon monoxide, we don’t notice till it’s too late. I keep a fan on and like I said, a lot of times the fan and the patio door open just to feel like I’m doing what I can to be safe. Heating vinyl, I’m sure, gives off fumes of some kind, whether we smell it or not.