Picture of last doll you worked on


Yes Hes dakota, i also have victoria.i love the bigger babies



I love chubby babies! I have Victoria. I bought her to strip but she’s tenacious and won’t strip for anything. I’m going to paint over the kit and see how it goes.


I cant wait to paint mine.


I’ve been working on rooting Emmy but wonder if I will ever finish!!



Fei Yen. I got her on the BB sale and wasn’t very sure about her, but I ended up really having a lot of fun and liking the way she turned out.


Your rooting is beautiful!! May I ask what hair you are using?


That is painted hair, I hate rooting, it takes so long. I have been practicing with painted hair the last couple months.


She is looking so amazing and realistic please share more pics when you can!


Your rooting is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see you finish her.


Wow can you please offer me a few tips? Her hair is beautiful and looks rooted.


She is so beautiful I just love her eyes!


One of the best Fen.Yens ive.seen and the hair is super!What a great paint job too
Realistic with volume even




beatuiful hair, beautfiul rooting, and that is a big head, bless your heart woman!


Thank you! I’m using human hair that I purchased from eBay seller fixitgurulover


Thank you :heart:


Thank you so much and yes, holy heavens her head is HUGE! I’ve been working on it for months :confounded::laughing:


Just got Cozy done. Didn’t think I would Like him But he is adorable.


What kit is she? She is so cute!!