Too much Christmas? Show us your Christmas Babies 2018


Ashley can fit right in with your crew.


So beautiful! Love her coloring!!


Oh my goodness. How long did it take to dress them all? They look adorable in their Christmas finery.


One afternoon to dress and another to pose them for a picture. I have too much free time now my kids are grown. Lol


I have everyone dressed now. I don’t think it took me quite as long as you. :wink:


This one is in the front with the red stripes and the snowflake hat.


So much fun!!


Levi by Heike Kolpin. I think I called him Liam in a previous post. He was my fav for a lot of years–I did him about 5 years ago… Hard to keep everyone straight.


Im that way with my real kids! I know who they are. I gave birth to all but one. I named all but one. You’d think I would be able to keep their names straight. Nope. The 4 boys get called any random brother’s name. The 1 girl should have it made. But nope. Her name is Sierrah. My sister’s name is Starla. I interchange their names as much as I do my boys’ names. Sometimes I just say “you, the short one”. I’m a horrible mom. :tired_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am too. Lol
5 kids here and never the right name. Hey oldest child_____ , etc.
I call them my Sister’s kids’ names too lol


Thank you!


I just received my hats from @quiltsabunch and they are SO cute! I wish the mail would have brought them before my big photo.The gingerbread one was a surprise and it matches Tink’s sleeper. How great is that!!! Thank you Amanda!!!


My brain is shutdown for the night. I’ve witnessed a lot of cuteness and it’s overloaded my mind.


Awesome, I was just thinking about your package. I’m glad it finally got there. Sorry the mail was so slow this time. Nice how you had Tink in gingerbread and the hat fits her, it was meant to be.


I used to work with a guy that had 3 boys and he called them 1, 2, and 3.!! Seriously, it worked, I had an awesome boss (owner) and he did not have a problem with kids being at work----so any time one of the office workers needed to bring their kids to work, NO Problem. Sick or Well, just bring them along, all parents encounter days when they wind up with no baby sitter or school is out etc. The kids were always good and never bothered anyone else, they just stayed in their mom or dads office and played, in fact our boss even had an area set up for the kids with a TV and couch, he was a great boss. I was lucky!!


That sounds like my husband. He has 3 brothers so my MIL had 4 boys total. When the hubby is talking about his brothers, he refers to them in the order in which born and not by name. :joy::joy: