Traveling Pants Round 3


Thank you for posting @hellbunny33!

@lollipop_cradle, the box is heading your way next. :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Can’t wait


Yeah, it is moving along well, I can’t wait for my turn!!


so excited for it to come my way. already getting stuff ready to add.



Awesome!! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


I just checked the tracking and the pants box has been delivered to @lollipop_cradle! Yay!!
It is moving right along! :slight_smile:


I’m soRey to have been MIA. I did touch base with Ashley though. My father-in-love passed away on Thursday. So I opened the box. There are some really great items in there.
Here is what I picked out: cherry diapers, a Gymboree boys outfit, forked needles and Ana asleep kit. I was so excited to see Ana. She is one of my faves.

The pants box is on the way to MS


:slight_smile: I should get it Wednesday and will get it back in the mail either same or next day. We are going out of town on Friday.


Sounds great, thank you! :slight_smile:


Box arrived this morning this is what I took…

Next up is @babymaw I will get it in the mail this afternoon. Lots of neat stuff in the box hope you all enjoy. :slight_smile:


Just planning on what I will put in the box so I need to ask a few questions. Is the box small and does any of the ladies that are left have a problem with it being larger or do I leave well enough alone? I have a few kits I can add but they take up room.


I can answer the first question, the box is 14 x 14 x 14. :slight_smile:


Thank you Ashley.


Also, I would love to see more kits and I’m fine with sizing up the box if the rest of the group agrees. (Everything has gone smoothly so far, so my plan is to organize another group of 10 after this group if all continues to go well, so I will be shipping again.)

One of the sore spots that was posted with previous boxes was that there were few/no kits, so I definitely think more to select from is better even if it raises the postage by a few dollars.


I know I would have liked to get a box containing a few kits but I know some of you might have a postage problem.



Are you okay with a bigger box, containing more kits to choose from if it means the postage might be a little bit higher?


That’s fine with me


I can tell you there are now 3 kits in it :wink:


Yes! That would be fine with me. :laughing: