Traveling Pants Round 3


The box should be to be to me on Wednesday!!!


I have the box but I am waiting to hear back from Ashley before sending… and I think I’m supposed to send to @Miss_Kitty but I need to hear from her too. So hang in there! Please! :grinning:


Well @nikkiroc can we see what you chose?


Yes… I haven’t chosen things yet. Well, I did choose the green loom. :grinning:I need to speak with Miss Ashely. Then I will choose. No cause for concern… I just have a couple questions.


Awe, ok. I was just being nosy, lol! :grimacing:


Yeah a loom!


Since Ashley stated earlier that she needs someone to manage the box because of personal issues, could your question be answered by someone that previously received it?


I just need @misskitty to respond with her info and I will ship to her. I am messaging but I think everyone has a lot going on this time of year.


@Miss_Kitty Please respond, lol! :slightly_smiling_face: We need this box to be done!


It will be soon!! I’m figuring it out. :grinning: Who else is left on the list? @Miss_Kitty can you hear me??? :kiss::heart:️:grinning: If I don’t hear from Megan, I’ll go to the next in line!
Bueller? Bueller?


Here!! Sorry!!! I’ll message you


I am still on the list but have been at the hospital with my mom. We are setting up hospice for her and trying to make final arrangements so it might be best if I were passed this time. I will try to catch another round. Thank you ladies ! I have been enjoying watching the box in it’s travels.


Prayers for peace and comfort for your family. :heart:


Sending love and prayers! @angfay


Prayers and hugs.


Prayers for you ,your mom and family !


Prayers for you and your family! Thanks for checking in!!! :heart:


Prayers to you and your family @angfay


Sending prayers


The box is on way to Miss kitty and then will be heading back to @ashleyfox98. When the box got here it was literally falling apart… the duct tape gave up ! I hope things didn’t fall out of the giant hole, I’m not sure! I went and bought a brand new box and packed it up KON MARI style.
This is what I picked…