Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


what a cutie and I love her hair


Customs. Got two more to assemble and I’m all caught up.


Worked on her lips. They became too purple. It’s as if everything goes wrong with this babe. :worried:


@DollyPardon Oh my goodness! I want ALL of them!!! :heart_eyes:


Amazing, they are all beautiful and I love their hair…im still practicing :wink: LOL Im probably just going to be rooting my babies forever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nothing wrong with that, just do a bit of yellow colour correcting. I use blues, reds, and purple on my lips. I do use some paint on my lips but I also use powders on them now…mainly Panpastels




Thank you!!


Thank you!!


I hear ya!!! LOL


custom Adele, going home to her Mommy


Last pics of Brooklyn- now Brody;) cur his hair and photographed him today- here’s a couple cell pics from the process. You almost have to learn photography in this hobby! I’m slowly getting better-


She turned out really cute, I was not really feeling this sculpt but you did a wonderful job on her ; your work is always beautiful


Your Brooklyn is amazing! The details and colors. So newborn looking – my favorite look. Do you use the primary color method for your babies?


Maggie is almost ready. Now just to make her a little nest.



Great work!


Ohh I LOVEEE him :heart_eyes:


WIP Neveah, didn’t achieve the skin tone of the real baby in the photo this time but I’m going to keep trying!


Real baby looks like a doll himself!


Lol! Yes he does… he’s a cutie!