Traveling Pants Round 3


Substitute kids and you have my boys lol.


I knew who you were talking about :wink: I love you so much more sweet Joy :sun_with_face: and girl trust, I can definitely make a list of complaints about my hubs. Granite, yes he’s laid back and easy going but, it’s like pulling teeth to get any help around the house! And honeydo’s…more like Summerdo’s :laughing::wink:🤷🤦


Lolololol totally!!! I get you sister !!! I’m still praying for our island. My bags can be packed in 5 minutes!!! And… I’ll help take care of everyone’s kids and I can cook!!! Come on lottery!!! We need an island!!!


I too have a grump that doesn’t like anyone. Luckily I out stubborn him with things that I am passionate about, like reborns. He REALLY doesn’t like them, but he tolerates them because they can bring money in.




My exhusband was just like yours! Ugly to the core, justifying his actions in the name of the Lord. He’s settled down now and acting “normal” again. But now I have a husband who supports everything I do (or don’t do…you’d think he would get upset when I chose to work on dolls instead of doing dishes. But nope. He is just supportive no matter what.) I pray you eventually find what I found. (In Gods timing of course. There’s a lot of blessings in going solo for a while.)


My husband is ok with them. He likes checking them out and telling me if he likes them or not. My Halloween baby, He wanted to know if there really was a market for “that”. He doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t cost a fortune (because we don’t have a fortune. Lol). He isn’t a fan of people and can be quite grumpy but I can and do tell him to calm down and get a grip when he gets too much out of hand. It makes him mad but he leaves the room to steam…that works. We are used to each other’s moods. It has been 37 years…


37!!! Wow!!! You guys have it figured out!!! Congrats!!!


Thanks! :heart_eyes:


Happy belated birthday! :tada:


I don’t know if it is figured out or if we can just be crazy on different days. He is my best friend though.


Awwwwweeee!!! That’s great he sweetest thing!’n :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Thank you @evelyn


Happy Birthday Evelyn and Ashley. And Happy late Birthday to all of you that had birthdays this month.


Do what I did recently. Get a sheet of paper draw a line down the center list his jobs on one side and your jobs on the other. Scratch through as you get one done. Mine went to the bottom of the page, he had three things to do. He added one for himself and got all his done then went to helping me. Even did dishes lol. My husbands normally the energizer bunny but since May he’s had Pancreatitis hernia surgery and rotator cuff surgery and hasn’t been able to do anything. He’s going crazy and driving me there. He wants all my attention and wants me sitting beside him which is not going to get my dolls made


Thank you! :relaxed:


Thank you!


Mailman came but no package, I guess tomorrow then. I will keep you posted.


That stinks! The tracking still shows expected delivery is today. :frowning:


unrelated to the Pants box

But, yesterday an Ontrac deliver truck parked by my house… I am wasn’t expecting anything… so I thought maybe my hubby was…
No knock… truck drives off…
Package on my porch… NOT OURS. :confused: The guy didnt even knock and left it at the wrong house…

Thankfully it was my neighbors and I took it over to their house, knocked and left it on their porch…
It was car parts… (at least that is what the box said)