Traveling Pants Round 3


Here is what I chose! My daughter picked out a few things, so she had fun too!


So cute!!! Everything you picked matches!!! Sadie turns out to be really cute!


We love pink in this house! Lol.


Me too!!! :heart:


Good choices!


those are wonderful! love the little bird outfit.


Me too! My 5 y.o claimed it for her doll lol.
@Kate thanks!


Love all your goodies, Is that a blanket in the back too?


Nice choices!


Thanks! No, that’s my Halloween table runner.
@Anne thanks!


Hmm that lil Elmo look quite the familiar… :thinking: I guess a lil regifting never hurts, glad it’s being used :slightly_smiling_face:


??? I’m confused lol, I got it out. My daughter wanted it for her reborn.


i’m guessing @BusyBeeNursery means she gave it to someone and they put it in the box :slight_smile:


Oh gotcha, lol


@Kate the box will be heading your way soon!

Also in this round, I have:

@AnnDee66 @ATrinket @nikkiroc @Miss_Kitty @angfay @cajuncuties @babymaw


For those who are not in this round, I am posting signups for the Traveling Pants Round 4 today. I will attempt to tag those who have expressed interest. The rules are the same as for Round 3. :slight_smile:


Me! Me! Me!
Just to be safe :joy::raising_hand_woman:‍♀️:raising_hand_woman:‍♀️:raising_hand_woman:‍♀️


Yay! Can’t wait!


Wooooooooo yay!!


Lol yes, I’m seeing your message late but I meant what @ChunkyMonkeyNursery already mentioned @Renauta427 i was just messing around, enjoy it, i thought it was cute too :slightly_smiling_face: